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Aquarium Installation

  • EcoAquatica provides professional installation for your unique environment.

  • We offer both glass aquariums and/or acrylic aquariums.

  • We use the correct filtration systems and support to ensure your aquarium will remain healthy throughout its existence.

  • Depending on your wishes, the aquarium can be more automated or can be more ‘hands-on’, requiring more maintenance.

  • We can install in-wall tanks, stand-alone center room tanks, or just a standard tank against a wall.

Marine Environments

Marine environments are very stable this is one reason why saltwater aquariums are so difficult. "Such stability means that there have been no pressure on saltwater fish to evolve mechanisms to deal with any variations, and therefore they do not respond well to unstable conditions in captivity. Secondly, pathogenic organisms do not abound in great numbers on the reef so, once again, saltwater fish are ill-equipped to deal with a disease outbreak in the close confines of the aquarium." by Dave Garratt, Tim Hayes, Tristan Lougher, & Dick Mills.

Saltwater Setups

The larger the better - if something is to go wrong with the water quality it is much easier to catch and reverse in a larger saltwater aquarium. In a smaller saltwater aquarium, by the time you catch a problem it will be too late and almost impossible to correct without starting over.

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